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Our Ministry. Our Resources.

Unique cultural experiences sometimes require a unique and specific response. African American Resource Ministries (AARM), as a part of Every Nation’s Leadership development track, is a resource gathered to support, identify, and equip African American leaders possessing a hunger to impact the nations for the Glory of Jesus.

How You Can Get Involved

Ministry Fund

We can empower ministers because of the financial generosity of our partners. Will you consider donating today to help our leaders?

Apply for a Scholarship

If you are an African American who has a burden for ministry and need assistance reaching your goals, apply for funding today.



As an HBCU grad, I remember how exhilarating it felt being called to full-time campus ministry at my alma mater – a launching pad for young Black leaders in every respect; however, coming from a lower middle-class background, unlike some of my peers, the thought of financing that opportunity quickly became overwhelming. Through the faith of generous financial partners and the financial support of AARM, I was able to fulfill a calling that not only impacted the lives of other college students but forever changed my life and my walk with God.


I am forever grateful for how God used AARM to provide me with resources to experience my first Every Nation conference and then ministry training which has allowed me to spend decades leading young people to the Lord, impacting communities, and equipping leaders all over the world to share and show the gospel of Jesus Christ.


As a college student, AARM allowed me to be able to attend conferences where I was able to see my peers passionately serving God! This was rejuvenating and empowering because I walked away feeling like I could do anything because I had an army of my peers behind me.


Who We Are

African American Resource Ministries (AARM) is about resources and ministry to the African American community. Funding and fundraising, equipping and training for ministry, recruiting and encouraging people as ministers – all define the mission of AARM.

The challenge for many qualified African American men and women with a burden for ministry is the limited pool of financial resources from which to draw. The process of raising partnership through networks of relationships and personal contacts can be far more limiting for black students than for their white or Asian counterparts. AARM was founded to connect qualified young ministers with those who have the resources to support their mission.


Our Mission

AARM exists to:

  • Raise, expose, and connect up-and-coming leaders to the vision and values of Every Nation.
  • Provide (a financial footing/investment) targeted funding to help minority and underserved leaders grow, learn, and lead with like-minded leaders.
  • Establish camaraderie and identify /accelerate career growth opportunities.

AARM is committed to investing in the future of tomorrow’s leaders and professionals by directly addressing the relational, practical, and financial gaps often experienced by up-and-coming leaders.

Become a Partner. Get Involved.

We cannot do this without you. If you are passionate about the next generation and empowering people, especially African American men and women, please consider giving to our general ministry fund.